El Paso County | Criminal Justice Center

The Criminal Justice Center (CJC) Expansion and Remodel project added 864 inmate beds to the existing 800 bed facility, effectively doubling the current operating capacity of the jail. The additional beds are for minimum custody level inmates and work-release inmates, as well as a segregated ward designated for mental health inmates. In order to allow all the beds to be minimum security, two existing medium custody wards were “hardened” by replacing cell doors, frames, and hardware, giving the facility more flexibility in inmate classification. The new housing tower is constructed of precast concrete with exposed aggregate panels composing the skin of the building, and standard precast being used for the major structural components. Masonry interior walls were constructed to finish out the space. The exterior walls of the one story components of the building are composed of either exposed split-faced masonry or masonry walls with metal siding.

Along with the bed expansion, major additions and/or renovations were designed to the Food Service, Laundry, Clinic, Intake including a new vehicle sallyport, Main Entry, and Maintenance Departments. In addition, a 12,800 square foot stand-alone Evidence Storage Building is a component of the project. The additions total approximately 126,000 square feet, while the areas affected by remodeling total approximately 54,000 square feet. New technology and systems upgrades included a new Video Visitation system, new Jail Management System, new door controls and monitoring, upgraded emergency power back-up, and a new HVAC system throughout the facility.