Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | Water’s Edge: Africa

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s newly designed exhibit has greatly expanded their space, giving the penguins their very own South African beach, and hippos their own Nile Valley waterway. The exhibit is designed for maximum opportunities to experience the animals, but also to sustain successful breeding programs for the Nile hippos and endangered African penguins. What’s more, the exhibit’s new water recycling system is an environmentally friendly feature that will help the…

Saint John’s Abbey | Quadrangle Renovation

Saint John’s is one of the largest Benedictine abbeys in the Western Hemisphere, with 133 professed monks. Built in the 1880’s, the Quadrangle was originally the largest building west of the Mississippi River dedicated to education and the heart of Saint John’s Abbey. The quadrangle has been used for monastic choir, chapter, refectory, administration and monastic cells; it has also housed diocesan seminarians; it housed the library, administration and classrooms…

El Pomar Foundation | Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum

Spencer Penrose was a Philadelphia entrepreneur who moved to Colorado Springs in 1892 and soon after made his fortune through investments in gold and copper. Penrose fell in love with the region and helped to create some of Colorado Springs’ most famous landmarks. The Pikes Peak Hill Climb gallery simulates the numerous switchbacks of the Pikes Peak Highway, offering visitors a feel for the 12.42 mile track winding to the…

Combine Courts

The Combine Courts is Colorado’s first technologically advanced basketball training center.  The center includes eight fully equipped shooting pods, eight ball handling and dynamic workout pods, ten cognitive training stations, and four basketball courts. The facility also includes speed measurement technology, rehab stations, workout space, and resistance training platforms.  State of the art technology is used to record shooting data, height, arc, percentages and much more to analyze the performance…

United States Olympic Committee Archives and Headquarters Renovation

The USOC National Archives safeguards America’s Olympic treasures, artifacts and memorabilia. The collection includes items from the 1904 IIIrd Olympiad summer games in St. Louis, Missouri and the most recent 2014 Sochi games. Items from this stunning collection travel the nation and are on exhibit at the USOC’s headquarters.

USA Cycling National Conference Center

One of the unique features of this renovation was a custom designed and built cycling wheel that was the focal point of the pre-function and event space.  This feature was surrounded by super graphics that captured the image the passion and mission of USA Cycling.

El Pomar Foundation Carriage Museum

The Carriage Museum for the El Pomar Foundation honors the legacy of Spencer Penrose as a showcase for his personal collection of transportation artifacts;  ranging from turn-of-the- century carriages to his celebrated 1950’s era Cadillac.  The Focal point of the 9,041 square foot Museum is a dynamic ramp that displays the three automobiles that Mr. Penrose “raced to the clouds” in the early days of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb….

St. John’s Bible Museum

After traveling the world in exhibition, the Saint John’s Bible now has a permanent resting place at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Designed by CSNA Architects, the gallery provides permanent display space for pages from the first fully hand-executed Bible since invention of the Gutenberg Press. It was produced according to authentic procedures used for medieval manuscripts – hand scraped animal skins for vellum; minerals ground by mortar and…